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The idea of good sewage management at the household level is important to the preservation of hygiene in the home and reduction of health risk amongst the household members. The idea that; at residential level, it is possible to manage sewage disposal with just a septic tank provided it is properly installed and well maintained. The challenge most people face or complain about is how to monitor tanks to ensure that overfilling does not occur. Since most septic tanks take months to fill up, it is often difficult to gauge the exact time when the tank will get filled.


It is possible to slow down filling process considerable and allow more time between septic tank pumping. This can be achieved by applying bacteria in the septic tank. What makes a septic tank fill up is sludge from fecal and other similar waste. The sludge accumulates and pile up till the tank capacity is reached, any point after this causes overfilling of the tank. Sludge accumulation occurs because the decomposition rate of fecal waste is very slow. When bacteria is added, it functions to speed up sludge decomposition rate, this ensures that sludge deposits are not accumulating at the usual rate causing a longer time before the tank overfill and there is need to pump.

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