Septic Tank SO19

A potential concern for most septic tank owners is how to maintain their septic tanks. This should not be a source of concern because septic tanks are not difficult to maintain. There are basic rules to adhere to in order to prevent your septic tank from failing. It is very important to keep heavy things away from the septic tank. This is necessary to prevent the tank from collapsing in itself. You should also avoid flushing chemicals such as bleach down the tank. These chemicals kill the bacterial that helps degrade solid waste. Contrary to popular opinion, vinegar is not harmful for your septic tank.

You should also avoid flushing garbage and any non-biodegradable waste down the tank. You should also try to use septic tank friendly products which may include environmentally safe soaps (dish or hand soap) as well as septic-safe toilet paper and septic-safe pre-moistened cloths. You should also avoid having large trees around the tank. Their roots could grow to damage the tank. If there are already large trees around, you would need to cut them down. You could also install a filter for your washing machine waste water to minimize the amount of lint going into the tank.

For guidance regarding maintenance and possible repair options, contact our Septic Tank SO19 expert.

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