Septic Tank Headley Down

When you read about septic tanks, there are lots of things that you may be told in an attempt to attract your attention and make you sign up to have one installed into your home. However, there are many misconceptions among the advice that you could be given, and one of these is that you will not have to do anything to maintain your tank. A conversation with a septic tank Headley Down expert will help to dispel this, and on the whole there are two things that you will need to do.


Firstly, you will need to have the tank pumped periodically, as it cannot hold all of the sludge that will build up over time. Your expert can help to advise you with regards to when the best time is for this to be done. Not only will you need to do this, but you will also need to add more bacteria to your tank, as lots of this will die over time, making your tank less effective. So long as you do both of these things, you should find that your tank stays in good working order, so it is worth asking your expert to help you keep things in check.

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