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If you have a septic tank installed in your home, then you are certain to be enjoying the numerous benefits of not being connected to the wider grid, and instead being responsible for dealing with your waste. However, there is no doubt that things can sometimes go wrong, and with this being the case you need to know what to do when this happens. One of the things that could well occur is that your water based appliances could start to take longer when draining – and this is a sure sign that there is something wrong with your tank.


Normally, this means that it is time for your tank to be pumped. Once you notice signs of this, you should do something about it as soon as possible, as it isn’t something that is just going to go away. As soon as you notice that things are taking longer to drain, you should get in touch with a septic tank Ashurst expert, as they would be able to come and drain the tank for you. This means that you can be sure that it will carry on working for you in the future, so it is more than worth taking note of any signs of problems as soon as they become apparent.

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