Septic Tank SO50

For people in the SO50 area who often need to install septic tanks to ensure that their wastewater and sewage is properly disposed, the questions around maintaining their septic tanks often arise. The key issue here is often how to know when the tank is full and ready for pumping as well as how to make it so that the time between each “need to pump” the tank is not too close to each other.


The first thing to understand is that there is a capacity to every tank install, filling occurs when this capacity is reached. Reaching the capacity on the other hand is a function of the number of people who live or use the convenience in the household as well as their relative frequency of use. Knowing when the tank is full is dependent on how it was installed, some tanks come installed with sensors that indicate when the tank is almost at capacity, in some cases, the tanks are pre-fitted with vents that give off pungent odour when it is almost full. One can also engage the services of septic tank experts who specialize in monitoring tanks and informing their owners of impending overfill. To reduce the time span between fill, one can add specially cultured bacteria to the tank which will help degrade septic sludge faster.

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